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Welcome to my Online Classroom

We’re off to a GREAT start to the new year! Here’s what your students are learning this week:

5th Grade: 

Previous Unit & Test Data: Original 13 Colonies

1. 83% exceeding or proficient

3. 82% exceeding or proficient

7. 86% exceeding or proficient

My SMART Goal for 5th grade is 80%!

This is such a BIG success or 5th grade! Your students are amazing!


7th Grade: 

Previous Unit & Test Data: Europe

2. 100% exceeding or proficient

6. 92% exceeding or proficient

8. 70% exceeding or proficient

My SMART Goal for 7th grade is 80%!

I’m so proud of the hardwork your 7th graders are pouring into their work! 



Click your student’s grade on this page to get a closer look at their activities and goals for this lesson!


Committed to Excellence. Motivated to Learn. Striving to Succeed.



Sierra Stormes

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